Brathay utilised our Levy funding to devise and deliver a high quality, dynamic apprenticeship programme for our management trainees, using a mix of theoretical and practical learning, backed up by excellent one-to-one mentoring.

I believe it’s no coincidence that they all passed with distinction.

Paul Dowie

Paul Dowie HR Director, PPG Architectural Coatings

“Ticked the box, got the certificate – Apprenticeship done, right?”

Sure. You’ve used the Levy to get yourself a qualified, certified, employee. Lovely.

Is that what you really need, though? What’s a qualification, if your employee isn’t capable of effectively using their new skills to improve your business? A certificate’s nice, but it’s only part of what’s required to move your organisation forward.

Blending that solid grounding of knowledge, skill and behaviours with a programme that takes your apprentice from good to great - further developing the critical skills and capabilities that turns them into an ideas-rich, collaborative, potential leader - that’s where your real gains come from.

You’ll need to invest a bit more to get that, but wow – it’s worth it.

No idea what we’re talking about? What even IS the Levy?! Read our handy guide here

Pie Chart

52% Only 52% of the apprentices in 2018/2019 were aged 25 and over 1

Thinking People

34% of CEO’s are extremely concerned about availability of key skills 2 34%

Sleeping Person

62% of senior business leaders say their organisation is not agile enough due to a lack of skills 3 62%

Empty Desk

68% 68% of employers found that they were unable to find candidates who were suitable for vacant roles 3

Satisfied Customer

70% of employers report that apprenticeships improved the quality of their product or service 4 70%

Increase Revenue

2years Apprenticeship training pays for itself within one or two years of completion, through increased productivity of the former apprentice 4


5M Projections indicate that over the next decade, there will be around 5 million high skilled job openings (including management/professional roles) 4


36% 36% of millennials & 29% of Gen Z currently working don’t believe they have the skills and knowledge needed to thrive 5

Bye Speech Bubble

43% Forty-three percent of millennials envision leaving their jobs within two years; only 28 percent seek to stay beyond five years 5

The Solution


Still not convinced? Explore how an Apprentice Levy-linked programme with us will transform your organisation.



Brathay have been an exceptional provider and I would love to work with them on future projects/ apprenticeships. The results are indicative of the effort they put in and the high standard of tuition received.

Jaki England, Learning Consultant, EMEA Region North, PPG



Distinctions all around - When taking a risk pays off!

As the results are in for our Leadership and Management Apprentices we review the importance of taking risk and the rewards that can come from it.

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Over 90% of our clients rated our programmes as useful in bringing about change and would recommend us to others. (Brathay 2016 net Promoter score.)


There isn’t a one-size-fits-all technique or programme that will transform your organisation. We work with you to understand what’s needed to create the transformation required.
We can mix and match any of the tools below to find the perfect blend that will achieve the desired results for you.


We love working with enlightened organisations. If you understand how investing now will reward your organisation in the future, partner with the best. (That’s us, by the way.)

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