Brathay helped us to develop 130 business leaders and bring to life our business improvement and employee engagement programme. ‘Accelerate’ made a lasting impact on our performance and culture. Without Brathay we would not have achieved the businesswide success that we did.

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You might think your people are engaged, but hand on heart, are they? No really, are they?

Be truthful. You might like to think they’re engaged, but is that because you told them they should be? Engaged employees believe in your organisation and will contribute far more than those who aren’t.

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organisation, want to go the extra mile, and are willing to put additional effort in to make a difference.

If you have engaged employees, you get better results: More profit, greater customer satisfaction, increased performance.

Thinking People

64% Of employees have more to offer than they are currently being asked to do 1

Increase Revenue

250% Engaged employees can multiply your financial success by 2½ 1

Empty Desk

50% Absenteeism by highly engaged employees is ½ that of those with low-engagement 2


48% Engaged staff are involved in 48% fewer safety incidents 3

Sleeping Person

30% Just 30% of UK Employees are actively engaged in their work 1


20m 20 million UK employees are not delivering their full capacity or realising their full potential 1

Performance Graph

Engaged employees increase their performance by 40% 1 40%

Satisfied Customer

18% Organisations with engaged employees increase customer satisfaction rates 1

Bye Speech Bubble

14% Engagement decreases employee turnover by 14% 1


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The Solution

Ready To Engage With Engagement?

Still not convinced? Explore how an employee engagement programme with us will transform your organisation.

Case Study

Roberts Bakery

Embracing values to the Frank Roberts & Sons 2020 journey together

Through an experiential approach, the Brathay team is helping this family-owned company to engage different family generations and employees at all levels in the organisation and align them with the family values.

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It was, without doubt, the best course of this type I have been on. Really well put together, interesting, relevant and well-paced. You are doing a great job – you give all of the attendees on the course a chance to breathe, grow and to contribute. Not an easy balancing act!

Alex MacMillan, Head of IT, Frank Roberts & Sons Ltd



Over 90% of our clients rated our programmes as useful in bringing about change and would recommend us to others. (Brathay 2016 net Promoter score.)

Case Study



Enabling Uniper to make business change happen at pace

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Case Study

Greensill Lockup Greensill Green Rgb


Working with a fast paced, innovative, international, independent financial services business to engage the international leadership team in the business plans of each of the different regions.

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Brathay generated Team Work in a culture where you shared nothing with your peers as you wanted to outperform them. The programme led to a peer group support network that meets regularly that self identifies issues and sets out to solve them. We have had absolute stability in the team, no-one has left so we have had none of the costs of recruitment, training, induction and bringing unknown quantities up to speed. We got immense amounts of personal commitment which led to strong brand loyalty and commitment. Support outside the Programme through email, phone calls and attending meetings really helped reinforce the programme messages and gave people the support they needed to risk making changes to their behaviour.

Claire Gebski – Bon Marche

Choosing The Right Tools

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all technique or programme that will transform your organisation. We work with you to understand what’s needed to create the transformation required.

We can mix and match any of the tools below to find the perfect blend that will achieve the desired results for you.

Get Engaged With Us!

You’ve got great people. So why aren’t they delivering great results? We know how to turn your great individuals into a great team. We’re experts in helping you take the dis out of disengaged.

Great individuals. Great team. Great engagement = great results.

Sounds good? Get in touch and find out how we can make you feel great about your organisation’s future.