I choose Brathay for our graduate and talent development because my Brathay experience in my early career has been the most useful development I have encountered.

I want our high potentials to have the opportunity to learn in a unique learning environment using experiential exercises as I know it will make them better leaders in the future.

Paul Dowie

Paul Dowie HR Director, PPG Architectural Coatings

“I didn’t get where I am today by jumping from one thing to another and changing jobs every five minutes. How do they learn anything these days?”

Times, and people, have changed.

It’s a major challenge attracting, developing and retaining talent. With Millennials and Centennials making up an ever-increasing proportion of your workforce, now more than ever you can’t ‘do’ learning to people.

The world of work has changed. We connect by focusing on personal brand, individual strengths, motivations and capability in the context of mutually constructive outcomes.

What worked for Baby Boomers doesn’t work for your new, talented, employees. They’re a more flexible workforce – but more flexible with their loyalty too.

Looking for your next standout business opportunity? These are your lateral thinkers, brimming with great ideas and itching to try them out.

Provide the right environment, and through choice they will develop themselves - and your organisation’s future success.

Pie Chart

50% By 2020 Millennials will represent over 50% of the workforce 1


93% of employers indicate that a change in strategy is required to attract and retain talent. 2


49% of employers think that graduates don’t have the soft skills expected of them when hired. 3

Performance Graph

26% Just 26% of millennials say their organisation prioritises improving the skills of its employees. 4


36% Only 36% of millennials currently in work believe they have the skills and knowledge they’ll need to thrive in an Industry 4.0 world. 4


46% of Gen Z expect to have fewer opportunities for a fulfilling working life/career than Baby Boomers. 4


63% of CEOs identify availability of people and talent as the top barrier to future growth. 2


61% of Gen Z employees say they would leave within two years if given the choice. 4


48% of millennials say opportunities for continuous learning are very important when choosing to work for an organisation. 4


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The Solution

Ready To Develop Your Talent?

Still not convinced? Explore how developing your talent with us will transform your organisation.

Case Study

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Alliance Manchester Business School

A 40 year relationship with Alliance Manchester Business School that sits well with the AMBS ethos of Original Thinking Applied

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Over 90% of our clients rated our programmes as useful in bringing about change and would recommend us to others. (Brathay 2016 net Promoter score.)



“Being at Brathay is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It gave me confidence in my leadership capability and I learnt how to engage and draw upon the support of a team. The confidence I gained and the amount I learned has been invaluable and it has enabled me to take on a leadership role much earlier in my career that I would have thought I could”.

Jessica Higgs - LMS Technical Specialist, JCB

Choosing The Right Tools

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all technique or programme that will transform your organisation. We work with you to understand what’s needed to create the transformation required.

We can mix and match any of the tools below to find the perfect blend that will achieve the desired results for you.

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Let us help you to help them thrive. They’re your future, after all.

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