Talent Match – supporting young people into employment

Over the last five years we have helped over 600 people in West Yorkshire on the path to work and training through Talent Match.

Over the last five years we have helped over 600 people in West Yorkshire on the path to work and training through Talent Match.

An England-wide programme with Big Lottery Funding; Talent Match supports young people who need extra help towards employment. Those taking part will be long-term unemployed and have complex lives. They might have left care, have no sense of direction or any support at home, be lacking role models or have mental health problems. If we need to, we refer them for additional, specialist support. Some have practical problems such as not being able to afford to travel to interviews or having appropriate work clothes.

We deliver Talent Match in Bradford and Calderdale; we assign each young person a Key Worker who meets them on a weekly basis for up to a year. The Key Worker helps them set goals and coaches them to reach their targets. We aim to get them into volunteering, apprenticeships or work but some need a lot of support before they’re ready for these options.

Nicole’s Story

“Talent Match has taught me a lot and got me a permanent job somewhere I love working.

I enjoyed doing the workshop for employability as this helped me learn what employers are looking for and how to present yourself. Although I was unsure about doing the presentation at first I am so glad you encouraged me to do this as it helped me with my presenting skills, which was extremely useful at the interview and during my six month job creation.

One of the best things about the programme for me was that you helped me to find jobs in areas I wanted a career in, unlike the Job Centre where I felt pressured to apply for jobs I wouldn't enjoy.

The job creation I did was a great opportunity as I was able to gain experience working in an industry that interested me while being paid and developing not only my design skills but also developing personally and gaining a lot more confidence.

I also liked that you visited to check that I was happy with the job creation and they were happy with how I was progressing, this helped me to feel more comfortable as I didn't have to worry about anything and I knew I was able to contact you if I needed support.

Through the skills that I have gained from Talent Match and the job creation I have now been given a permanent position with the company.”

The Employer’s Story

“We got contact details and asked for some CV's - not really thinking anything would come of it. Straight away, we had about 5 CVs and booked a few of them in for interviews. One of them was Nicole. The most quiet, unassuming person I think any of us had ever come across. We were a bit unsure but then she brought out her portfolio and literally came to life - stunned is an understatement. We quickly asked her to come and do a placement with us and six months later, we have just offered her a job and her confidence is so much better. She’s a huge asset to the business and a great member of the team - we will continue working with her and developing her as the time spent so far has been worth every minute.

Our thanks go to Nicole for all the effort she has put in to making the progress she has, but also to her wonderful Brathay Key Worker who takes a genuine interest in who she’s working with and makes sure she places the right people in the right business. It's been a pleasure having update meetings with her and telling her that because of her dedication and passion to help people, Nicole has set herself well on the way to a career in design, making use of her amazing talent.”