Sponsor a school: Help change children's lives.

Brathay's 3.7 Programme is a school-based initiative to help young people become more resilient and presents a unique opportunity for businesses to support schools and young people in their area.

What is the 3.7 Programme?

3.7 is a project for children who need a boost to their mental health and resilience.

Young people taking part in 3.7 have been referred to the programme by their schools because they have been identified as having specific challenges in life – be it personal setbacks, low self-esteem, behavioural problems, or stress or anxiety. Through 3.7, they discover an inner strength they didn’t know existed, equipping them to take control, make better decisions and participate in new, positive activities to build their own resilience.

It’s run by us, aimed at 9 to 14 year olds, and the benefits are:

• Increased resilience and capacity to cope

• Increased belief in their abilities

• Increased awareness of their choices

• Increased aspirations

• Increased involvement in positive activities

• Improved social skills

Read more about how the programme works and the impact it has had so far...

How is it funded?

3.7 is funded from money raised in memory of Matt Campbell, who died running the London Marathon in aid of our chairty. To make the donations from Matt’s supporters go as far as possible we ask schools to also make a financial contribution towards the overall cost.

So far pupils from Year 6 through to Year 9 from seven different schools have taken part. Over the next few years, up to 800 pupils stand to benefit from the initiative.

In some areas, schools would love to refer their vulnerable students to the programme, but unfortunately they just can’t find the money. That's why we are hoping that local businesses will get involved and sponsor a school in need!

Want to get involved?

We’re asking local businesses to step in and help with a donation so 3.7 can be run for schools in their area . This is a great opportunity for organisations to help transform the lives of local young people.

Why not get in touch with our Children and Young People's Services team and see how you can sponsor a school in your area?

It is both our hope and intention that 3.7 sets young people on a better path in life, helping them to achieve sustained attendance at school, healthier personal relationships and more successful transitions from school to further education, training or even work.

Cindy Barnett, Resilience Project Worker

Find out more about the programme on our Trust's website.

Get in touch today and make a real difference in your community! Call or reception on 015394 33041 or email info@brathay.org.uk